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The closest resort to the center of Tokyo

​Ehukai Beach

  There are many buildings that symbolize Odaiba such as Rainbow Bridge and Fuji TV, but we have been operating in the same style for 30 years before they were built.
Now, with the patronage of the locals, it is a place where you can enjoy drinks, foods, etc. casually and comfortably with a beautiful view.

  There is also an 18-seat table on the outside terrace, which can accommodate pets .
* Thank you for your cooperation in beach clean.


  Odaiba Kaihin Park, where Ehukai Beach is located , is one of the few places in Tokyo where you can do SUP. Why don't you enjoy SUP while looking at the view of the city and have an experience that makes you forget the time?

  It is a bay that even beginners can enjoy with peace of mind, and we also have a school for those who are uneasy or who want to learn the correct way of rowing and riding.

  We also offer windsurfing rentals and schools .

Picturesque View 

  Odaiba is the most comfortable place to meet the vast sky even though it is in Tokyo.

  There aren't many places where you can see the sea and the building, the sky and the setting sun at the same time, beyond the bridge.

Why don't you feel like you can forget everything in a quiet Odaiba, a little away from the city, while feeling the various scenery that changes with the seasons with your whole body ?

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